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Beacon Technology: Connecting The Virtual and Physical Worlds (Workplace Knowledge Community)

Access Level: 1
Author: Craig Van Pelt
Publication Date: April-2016
Document Type: White Paper
Publisher: CoreNet Global
Number Of Pages: 7
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Knowledge Topics:
Technology & Software,Workplace
Beacons are sending you a message. Whether or not you are receiving that message depends on your willingness to accept it. There is no existential meaning attached to that thought, it typically means you have either opted in or opted out on your smartphone. If you have heard the term beacon technology, it’s likely that you would associate it with retail marketing. Retailers strategically place beacons throughout a store to send product information, coupons, sales, or links to online information via your smartphone. However, beacon technology uses and applications are becoming more widespread and versatile. Corporate real estate (CRE) is already implementing beacon technology for certain scenarios. As the technology is tailored for CRE purposes, its use will increase exponentially. Regardless of how quickly beacons are adopted, they are already connecting the digital and physical worlds.
beacon technology, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), retail, smart buildings, disaster management, privacy