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The Rise of Smart Cities in China

Access Level: 1
Author: Beth Mattson-Teig
Publication Date: January-2016
Document Type: Report
Publisher: CoreNet Global
Number Of Pages: 8
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Knowledge Topics:
Location Strategies,Strategy and Leadership
China has proved to have a powerful engine that has driven rapid infrastructure growth across the country over the past two decades in projects ranging from high-speed rail and airports to office towers and shopping malls. So, it is no surprise that China also is moving onto the high-tech super highway with ambitious plans to develop a fleet of “smart cities.” Smart cities have been an increasingly popular topic in economic development and urban planning circles over the past decade. So, what exactly is a smart city? The concept of a smart city can take many forms and individual interpretations of what qualifi es as a smart city also vary. Oftentimes, smart cities also implement systems that allow them to gather data from devices and sensors embedded in its roadways, power grids, buildings and other assets to improve operations and manage cities more efficiently and strategically.
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