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CoreNet Mid-Atlantic Mentee Sign-Up

Monday, January 9, 2023 to Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Sign-Up Washington, DC, United States

The mentor/mentee program will be allowed up to two attendees at each CRE End User Dinner throughout the year for a total of 12 opportunities. These dinners are private group events comprised of mostly end-user leaders and each focuses on an important topic facing Corporate Real Estate departments.

Program Guidelines:

  1. After pairs are connected at the end of this month Mentors/Mentees will be asked to have an introductory zoom/coffee/call.

  2. Mentors/Mentees will be paired together to meet individually on a monthly basis moving forward.

  3. Reminder emails will go out on a recurring basis to program participants. Some months may include a specific topic to discuss

  4. Mentees will be able to attend one CRE end-user dinner throughout the year (It is not guaranteed that they will be able to participate in their preferred dinner).

The deadline to sign up for the program is February 28th

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