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MEMBERS ONLY | CoreNet Mentor Connect.SG | SEASON 3

Monday, August 8, 2022 to Wednesday, August 31, 2022
Various Singapore, Singapore

What is the difference of the CoreNet Mentor Connect.SG programme versus other mentoring programmes offered by CoreNet? 

The CoreNet Mentor Connect.SG is the mentoring programme under the CoreNet Singapore Chapter that is dedicated for professionals ACROSS the corporate real estate industry in Singapore. It offers a valuable opportunity to learn from professionals in adjacent functions or fields within the real estate value chain and deepens your understanding of Corporate Real Estate. 



• Grow Knowledge – Learn new perspectives and increase in knowledge, empathy, and skills relating to diverse groups

• Improves Interpersonal Skills – Hones your ability to be an active listener and strategic communicator, builds confidence

• Provides Visibility & Exposure – Recognition as a developer of others, Recognition as a Leader, Increase circle of influence and expand your network

• Give back to the community – Share your journey and advice for a career in CRE, Develop excitement and be an inspiration


• Build Professional Networks – Get to know and network with corporate real estate professionals in the industry

• Gain Insights into Career choices - Engage in a confidential opportunity to discuss career/workplace issues

• Receive Support & Guidance – Engage your mentors as a sounding board when you encounter issues and learn from their experience 


• Act ethically and with respect towards all other participants; 

• Maintain strict confidentiality and professional boundaries; 

• Commitment to attend all prearranged meetings; and 

• Discuss expectations in the first meeting and review as meetings progress.


I don’t know much about mentoring. Can I still sign up to be a mentor? 

• Yes, you can! The spirit of this programme is to help everyone learn and grow, both as leaders and as individuals.  

I am a CoreNet Singapore member but am not based in Singapore during this programme duration. Can I still sign up?

• We are opening it only to members who are based physically in Singapore to facilitate an in-person connect. 

Does CoreNet Global have a global mentoring programme?

• Yes. For the Global Programme, please do check out CoreNet Global’s Mentor Match (

I participated in the previous cycle of Mentor Connect.SG as a mentor. Can I sign up to be a mentor again in future cycles of the programme?

• We absolutely welcome returning mentors who would like to continue learning and sharing your valuable experience with others within our community! You’re welcome to also sign up as a mentee to learn from other professionals.


How is the mentor and mentee matching done?

• Each individual will need to register interest for this programme by 31 August 2022. After registration has closed, you will receive a profile form to fill up and return via email. Based on this profile form, the CoreNet Singapore L&D sub-committee reviews applications and suggests matches based on participant backgrounds and goals. You will be informed of this match in early/mid – Sept  2022.

What if I don’t get successfully matched with a mentee or mentor in this round?

• You will be given priority for subsequent runs of this programme, where we will be in touch to validate your participation interest then.

What if I don’t think my mentor or mentee is a right fit for me? 

• Please write to the administrator to share your feedback. 


What is the expected time commitment of the programme?

• It will last for 5 months and will run from September 2022 to Feb 2023. Mentors and mentees are expected to commit to 1-to-1 meetings at least once a month. Each session duration is encouraged to be between 60 to 90 mins. 

What is the format of the mentoring sessions? 

• Each pair can make their own individual arrangements on preferred communication methods and can decide to either meet in person or through virtual meetings. During this period of Covid-19, pairs are encouraged to align and take the necessary precautions.  

What do I do during such mentoring sessions? 

• Curated resources will be emailed once a month to assist each pair in this journey. These resources include monthly activities to help keep track and progress the dialogue with your mentee or mentor. 

What do I need to do after every session?

• Each mentee and mentor should fill up your Activity Log independently after meeting with your partner. This serves as an important tool to help reflect and consolidate your observations, learning and follow-up actions. 



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