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AU - CBR Government Workplace Forum

Tuesday, July 25, 2023 to Tuesday, July 25, 2023
Hotel Realm Canberra, ACT, Australia


Government attendees - please email to secure your complimentary ticket.



Over the last 3-year period we’ve seen a significant shift in values – back to the grass roots of what really matters!  This has influenced Government and private sector commitments to heightened focus on environmental outcomes and performance and a desire to realise deepened and richer organisational connection with employees.


The CoreNet Global Australia Chapter Government Forum will investigate the shifts and influence on Corporate Real Estate.  


Join us for inspiring insight and conversation exploring transition towards:

  • Achieving APS Net Zero 2030 
  • Future of Canberra - its original vision and future trajectory 
  • Reconnection and renewed focus on employee value proposition in a remote working world 
  • ESG and shifting reinforcement towards (S) social and (G) governance.


These emerging shifts will be addressed by a dynamic group of industry leaders who will share their experiences, research, and insights at this year's Government Forum.









Session 1:  Are you ready for Net Zero?


APS Net Zero 2030 is the Government’s Policy for the Australian Public Service (APS) to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero by 2030, and transparently report on its emissions from mid-2023 onwards.   The policy is being finalised by the Department of Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water, so it’s consistent with Australia’s international commitments and will contribute to achievement of Australia’s Paris Agreement targets.


However, what does this really mean for Government?  How can the targets within this policy be achieved?  What could all Government entities be doing now to prepare?  What impacts will this have operationally?  And ultimately, how do we think Net Zero can be achieved?


These questions and more will be discussed and addressed by Emma Wright, Venita’s Sustainability Director. 


About the speaker


Emma Wright has over 16 years’ experience working with commercial and industrial businesses, financial institutions and government in the environment and sustainability space.


Emma has delivered strategic sustainability programs for large property portfolios across government and corporates. She is also well respected for her work in sustainable procurement, environmental project management, business improvement initiatives and environment and sustainability reporting.


Through her work on the Whole of Australian Government arrangement, Emma provides sustainability services to 40 Government entities.

Emma has a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Honours), Bachelor of Environmental Science (Conservation Ecology), Certificate in Advanced GHG compliance, is GreenStar Certified, GRI Certified and is ISC Foundations Trained.


Morning tea


Canberra: Past, Present, and Future - Exploring the Development of Australia's Capital City

Join a panel of esteemed experts for a captivating exploration of Canberra's history and future. Delving into the original plan for the city, the panel will discuss the factors that have influenced its growth and how it has deviated from the initial vision. The commercial and political/government policy considerations that shaped Canberra's development will also be examined, offering valuable perspectives on the city's past, present, and future trajectory.


Great Places to Work – Employee Value Proposition

This session focuses on creating an exceptional work environment within the public sector to attract and retain top talent. The discussion covers the concept of Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and its impact on employee engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. Participants will gain insights from exit interviews, instances of silent disengagement, and the trend of individuals transitioning between public and private sectors.



This session aims to highlight the significance of ESG considerations in driving sustainable development, fostering social inclusion, and ensuring effective governance within the public sector. As governments around the world increasingly recognize the importance of ESG principles, this session will cover What ESG look like from a government perspective, the challenges and opportunities associated with integrating ESG into government operations and what could ESG look like in the future.






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