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Knowledge Center FAQ

Q. I have forgotten my login and password.
A. Next to the "Login" button the top of the webpage, click on "Forgot Your Password?" Your username is the email address associated with your CoreNet membership. Your password will be sent to you. If you need additional assistance, please contact us at 1. 404.589.3200 or 1.800.726.8111.

Q. I am having trouble logging in. How do I get help?
A. Please call 1.404.589.3200 or 1.800.726.8111 for assistance.

Q. What if I can’t find what I am looking for or need help with searching on the Knowledge Center?
A. The Knowledge and Research staff is available to assist you in locating the information that you need. The quickest way to get assistance is to fill out the online request form. You may also contact the Knowledge and Research staff at or 1.800.726.8111.

Q. How can I submit a document or link to the Knowledge Center?
A. Hover your mouse over "Knowledge Center" on the menu bar, click on "Contribute Resource" from the drop down and fill out the required fields on the form. For additional questions, click here for "Guidelines for Contribution and Terms of Submission"

Q. What are the Access Levels?
A. Access levels are a graduated system of access to information on the Knowledge Center. The Free Level is for Public Access; access to Level 1 is available to all members; Strategic Bronze and Silver Partners have access to Level 1 and Level 3; Corporate and Strategic Gold Partners have access to Level 1, Level 3 and Level 4. Level 2 is not active at this time. You must login to gain access to the appropriate levels.

Q. I am a CoreNet Global member. How do I obtain Level 1 Access?
A. Your Level 1 Access is activated automatically when you join or renew your membership. If you have problems with login or Level 1 access, please call 404-589-3200 or 1.800.726.8111 for assistance.

Q. Can I make copies of anything I download from the Knowledge Center?
A. No, copyright law states that you have permission to use the material you download for individual use only. If you want to post something from the Knowledge Center to an intranet site or distribute it in any way, you are required to obtain written permission from CoreNet Global.

Q. I am interested in learning more about CoreNet Global Corporate Partners. Where can I obtain information about this program?
A. Please contact David Vining, call 1.800.726.8111 for information, or visit this page on our main site.

Q. Can I upgrade my access to the next level at any time?
A. All CoreNet Global Members have access to resources on the Free Level and Level 1. You must be a Corporate or Strategic Partner to gain access to the upper levels.

Q. How do I become a member in order to get member access?
A. You may join online at and click on Join Now!. You will need to create a login. You also can contact us at 1. 404.589.3200 or 1.800.726.8111 to join today.

Knowledge Center Staff

Ashley Oscarson
Research and Knowledge Center Coordinator

Sonali Tare
Director, Knowledge and Research